Dew Foam

For more than 40 years now, DEWFOAM is the leading manufacturer of superior foams, mattresses and beds in the country. Driven by its corporate statement “quality and comfort”, DEWFOAM continues to innovate sleep-related products by upgrading its plant facilities and manufacturing machineries in NCR, Visayas and Mindanao. With painstaking research and development, DEWFOAM manufactures its own pocket springs, optimum springs, offset springs and bonnel springs through a fully-automated process using the state-of-the-art European technology. The company also pioneers in producing the Dew-Elastic “memory foam” that gives optimum comfort than ordinary pillow and mattress toppers. Value-added features, lasting benefits. Enjoy total quality and comfort from DEWFOAM.



Address: Lawang Bato, Valenzuela City
Telephone: +632-253-5875, +632-251-8390



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